Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Need Your Help My Dearest Family!!!

So i have an idea that i want to do for mom which is a surprise to her so no letting her see this or it is a total bust so ya and mom if your reading this stop now !!! i mean it !! ok now thats over this is my diabolical plan !! muahahahahah!!!! im making a CD for mother so when i leave on my mission and she is missing me she can play this and it will make her feel better or i just want to see her cry when she opens it hahaha ok so now this is my problem i do not know song that remind me of me so here is where you come in i need songs that one will rimind her of me so maybe songs that rimind you of me will be the same thing so give me some ideas i know that 17 by Brad Paisley is my senior so thats one song now i just need like 14 others hahah ok so comment me some songs please !!!!! and i will also say on the songs to whom the songs where given by so please and thank you :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Holloween is like Christmas , Big Man Cry Baby

so i love Halloween its has to be my Second Favorite Holiday Ever !!! the costumes the candy the sick everything!!!!! sooo my costume my loving mother was nice enough to send me and it totally was the highlight of my weeks getting that package totally fun and there was a bones my mother sent a tone of candy for us and the boys to eat it was amazing and a fun surprise. sooo i actually got to wear my coat that i love sooo much, i love the cold weather it is such a fun thing to me and Alabama hardly ever gets colder than seventy but i was surprised that we got a cold front and it got down to about 55 degrees it was soooo nice i love the cold weather !! love it thats something i miss right now about Oklahoma its cold. heck i would give anything to hall water to the horses because i was lazy and did not drain the hose haha i just love the cold. so now the the big man cry baby. as most of you know im the elders teacher and the last two lessens have hit me harder with the spirit than any other lessons they were on: baptism for the dead" and "the eternal family" . wile i am teaching these two lessons the spirit has hit me so hard i have broken down and actually have cried in front of a class full of guys how embarrassing haha but it makes me realize what are both of these topics have in common. The temple and eternal covenants, they are both eternal ordinances. they both take the holy temple to complete. i have gained a stronger testimony of the temple and the eternal importance of the house of the lord and the sacredness of it. i am so grateful for the eternal family for i am sealed to my parents and my sisters and brother and it is a strength to me in my life. as it is a blessing to know that i will be sealed to my wife and eternal partner and also my children for time and all eternity. what a kind and loving heavenly father we have. that allows us to have the opportunity to have a family that will be with us forever.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bit by Bit,, Little Time by Little Time

so to start off my blog once again ill talk about my amazing title. I have came to the conclusion, well i have finally posted about it anyways that i try to take my life a little at a time to get to that big thing. I am horrible at planning out my life i want everything to go as planed i even do it with games, like dominoes i get caught up with planning out my next move on a tile that someone might grab before its even my turn. but what im talkin about it just life day to day. like i hate bein stagnent i love moving and knowing where im going next. i plan my life by putting key points in my short time to keep me going day by day. whether its 3 weeks till i got to moms house or a month till thanks giving i just start counting down the days. its how i cope with my boaring day to day jobs or just staying moving if i know that i am going somewhere life just dosenot seem to stand still on me. so i just wanted to spill whats on my mind haha oh well. Oh and i know that my sisters and there husbands read this or at least make sure they do. I want to say thank you one kit and lib for letting me live here and two for kit for writing such an amazing blog about me. then three for phill steph and whit for being there for me and writing such nice comments it is quite a nice thing to read about how all of you agree with what kit said or on phills part bein jeaulouse haha it truly makes my soul jump for joy knowing that i have such a support group behind me i love you all and thank you :P

Saturday, August 29, 2009

im back and bigger than ever

ya im back from my visit home and how do i have a heck of a week to tell you about hahaha. lets just start out on last Saturday i flew out of the mobile airport at like nine and got home at like 3 was not bad went to a singles ward activity and had fun. latter that night had one of the most odd birthday dinner in out family's history. if i was not there i do not think they would have had it at all so dad, jesse, and i went to braums for jesse's birthday dinner. it was weird. so on sunday jesse and i went to church and i got to see alot of my friends which was way fun. and mom made up for the dinner with a really good dinner of deer roast and brownies love you mom haha. then the crap hit the fan on monday haha i went in for the first round of teeth treatment/torturer. was not that bad. went riding after and had a good day. tuesday round 2 of teeth and less fun haha. got to ride both jack and jill. wednesday round three and got to hang out with some friends that night. thursday went into my oral sergin for my teeth extraction was not bad really cool guy too. woke up and i had my final round of teeth torturer that day will i was half in pain half drugged up my arse haha. not bad on friday mouth a little sore not bad thought and finaly saturday. i flew home and got home at 2 today it was quite a week hahaha

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Three Sisters ^_^ a post about them

so as i was sitting here i was thinkin to my self that i have three amazing sisters that have done stuff with me and have been with me for my hole life and i just want to post about them so ill start from the oldest and go down :) the first on is


though out my life my sister steph has been around me. yes when i was little i could not really remember much besides her hitting a mail box and dad, Jesse and i had to go fix it, but as i have gotten older she has tried and succeeded on becoming a part of my life which i am truly grateful for! As the years role by i have grown a great relationship with her and her husband. whether it was her staying up way late to help me with a paper that i needed to write or takin me to buffalo wild wings for for wings and a good time :) but this is a blog about her and the memories she has engraved in my memories so i will tell them to you all. my years in high school and my semester in college i could not have possible made it in one piece or staying sain with out her. i always remember going over to her house watching movies or what ever. speaking of watching movies, i remember when steph and phill were living in Edmond and she invited me and Jesse over to spend the night now i cant remember what movie we watched but i remember that we had cettle corn my favorite type of popcorn haha and we stayed up late just having fun. i truly have been still havin fun with her and her husband. and i truly miss not seeing them every sunday for dinner.


Now out of all my sisters she has by far gave me the most memories. from my early child hood to the present now. i remember going and getting ice cream at primiums, getting condanblues at laboes. when she was sick i thought she was going to die. to when she gave me carmax to put hidingenproxide on my cut. she has truly been a part of my life takin me to a football game. takin me over to Sandies. coloring with me. just being my friend. now she dances in the front room with me and the boys still watches movies with me just having fun. i truly remember her the most in my life not sayin my other sisters where not there she just was with me the most and i have the strongest relationship with her. my sister liberty is my friend and she is there for me a lot so thanks lib.


now she has been with me wile i grew up she has been there for a lot of my life and is my sister that has been to my run to when Jesse was beating me up. i love her and i am going to miss her in Kansas, now really whit and i do have a relation ship and you might say it was a mutual respect one haha. my memories have usually been sad and i have usually been the cause of them all. from throughing a battery and hitting her in the face with it, to picking up the phone when the police called to tell mom and dad that she almost died with her car crash. i have lots of memories with her like she asking me to barrow my hat for cowboy day at school and going to brams to see her with mom you see with her i have always known that she loved me but we were so close in age and yet so far that we really never got one started i truly love her but she has always had a better one with jesse and i dont mind that. she is my sister and i love her.

now i truly love my sisters all of them and they all have been a major part of my life. in every way they have been there for me. and i want to find a girl that has quality's of all of them
stephs love and passion to do what ever for family , libs kindness and sweat heart, and whits cool attitude and level head who knows what is right and will stick to it even if no one else dose.

now for my sisters thank you, all of you for what you have molded me to become. a true gentleman that looks at girls as daughters of our heavenly father. so thank you , thank you and i love you all.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Grown Men Don't Cry..... Bull Crap !!!

so i had a very hard day at work that crept getting worse by the second!! and just nothing was going right. soo finally i got to pack up at the end of the day. and there was the light, my boss came in and made is soo much better. you see my boss is also the stake young mens pres. and they had youth conference this past week and on his ipod he had recorded over seven hundred youth singing "sons of Helaman" and "as daughters of Zion" and after such a hard day and with such a spiritual thing i cried standing there listening to it i cried. so it made me think why do they say "grown men don't cry". is it true that if you cry that you are not a grown man. NO !!!! it means you have velvet rapped up in a steel shell! some times it is okay for men to cry and to be held by those who you care about and who care about you. it is not a weakness more of a strength that no matter what happens you still are human and need comfort. sure as we grow up it is all part of the plan that molds and shapes everyone. it is true the saying "life is hard then you die" truely life is hard and it only gets hard whether it is a bully pushing you down on the playground or your wife after 75 years of marriage dies. LIFE is hard and it only gets harder, but there are ways to make it easier. like in the deserts occasionally you will find an oases to get you out of the sand in into the cool blue waters of a spring. and this oases can be anything from being on the top of a horse in the middle of the mountains to being held close by your mother as she rocks you back and forth telling you she loves you. Grown Men Do Cry, and i will be the first to stand up to anyone that says they don't. and tell them they are cold and heartless. because what is crying it is a form of expression from the heart. it is a plead by our very soles pleading to be heard by those around you whether it is happy or sad it is expressing itself though our tears. and i am proud to say that i cry sometimes whether is because a movie or im just having a bad day and need to let off steam. and i am happy to be alive and am able to show such an expression so i hope all of you have a good day and remember that it is ok to cry just make sure something good comes from it :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dirt, Rock, Water, Car and Fish

soooo ya i know i have not posted anything in a LONG TIME but here we go !!!!!. so my story begins about a 2 weeks ago

Water , so the reason water is in here is for about 2 weeks ago kit and i went fishing it was really fun and i had a blast now the funny thing was about half the way though kit slipped on a rock and totally fell in the water now this was no fall on the but and its over with no it was like total back and all he fell in haha it was freakin funny!!!! but on the bad side he totaly clobberd his tow and ripped his skin off of it and he also brewsed his shins. but i laphed my butt off at him :)

Car, so as my family knows my older sister is in oklahome and i was sooooo freakin excited to go but i was hit by a curve ball and was not able to go. the reason my car broke down and i need to sell it so i was going to but i had to do it befor she left. but in the long run still not sold and i am at home with kit so its not that bad :)

Dirt and Rock, so this last weekend kit and i went up to atlanta to visit my aunt and uncle and some frindsl of the family. it was A BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!! we stayed up later at my aunt and uncles till like at 2 in the mornin just talking :). then the next night we went to the Hendersons THIS FAMILY ROCKS they have like 7 boys that are all in to stuff im in they ride motorcycles dirt bikes and all that !!!!! and one of the boys and i totally hit it off kc rocks totally frinds now haha but this is where rock and dirt come in to play. so on the 4th of july kit and some of the guys and i went out dirt biking on their land was soooooo fun !!!!!. we had a blast.!!!! so i got on my bike first and ive been on one befor so it was not all that bad, but this was the first time for kit and oh you could tell haha. so they had a circle drive so he was going in first gear around this drive then he went down the dirt drive way and decided to get to second gear. bad idea haha. so as most of you know second gear makes you go faster and kit was kinda like wow this is faster so i should slow down so he pulls in the clutch and it slows down well as he grabbs the hand brake he reves the engin and he freaks out lets go of both the clutch and the brake so the bike lerches forword and insted of grabbin the clutch he graps only the front brake and he flys off the front of the bike hahahaha.. ya i had an isident as well haha so i was going and i was starting so i had it reved up and i let go of the clutch and the bike dose a weely and thoghs me off the back and keeps going it scared the crap out of me haha.

now for Fish. so kit and i went to a friends hows to go to a fish fry. it was once agin a totall blast!!! the fish was way good they were way cool people. so we stayed there talking till 2 in the mornin!!!!!!!! im at work and i sooo freakin tired haha but it is sooo worth it :) but it was way fun and i cant wait to see what other fun things kit and i do wile lib is gone :) i hope some time we can pick up kits boat !!!! :) but ya just an update on what is up for right now haha:)